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Annual Irrigation Checkup

If you have recently received a notice in the mail regarding an Annual “SAWS Irrigation Check-up” for code compliance, call Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting.

What is the SAWS Annual Irrigation Check-up Requirement?

Annual Irrigation To ensure total, year-round water conservation efforts, the San Antonio City Council, in conjunction with SAWS (San Antonio Water Systems), launched a water conservation ordinance in 2006. This law requires properties that have an in-ground irrigation system, are 5 acres or larger, and/or used a million gallons of water or more in the prior year, to complete a SAWS Annual Irrigation Check-up by May 1 of each year.

An inspection of the irrigation system is required to be performed by a TCEQ Licensed Irrigator, ensuring the system is operating without water waste. The check-up itself is an examination and review of the current condition of the system and watering habits during peak consumption.

Please note: Our technicians must be on-site to perform a thorough inspection and ensure critical maintenance issues (as per SAWS) are identified and addressed. If these critical maintenance repairs related to the “Annual Irrigation Checkup” are not taken care of, the “Check-up” can still be submitted, but it will not be fully valid. San Antonio Water Systems reserves the right to follow up with a full inspection audit, and still impose fines and fees related to non-compliance, regardless if submission deadline is met.

Is there a penalty for non-compliance?

Yes. The municipality will penalize any property owner who fails to complete the annual irrigation check-up and address any “critical maintenance issues”.

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