Sprinkler Valve Leaks: Common Causes and How to Fix

Sprinkler Valve Leaks

One of the most common reasons that people call for sprinkler repair is a sprinkler valve leak. Sprinkler valve leaks are important to address because even the smallest leak will waste more water – and more money – every day that the leak goes unattended.

When there doesn’t seem to be any visible damage to the sprinkler head, then damage to the valve seal is likely the culprit. However, it’s also possible that there isn’t really an issue at all. Here are the most common reasons for a sprinkler valve leaking and how our team at Andy’s Sprinkler would fix the issue:

Why is My Sprinkler Valve Leaking?

Sprinkler valve leaks are generally due to one of two reasons:

1. Low Head Drainage

After each run of your sprinkler system, there is “low head drainage,” or excess water that is still draining from the pipes after the water is switched off. If the leaks happen directly after running the sprinkler system and do not occur all the time, then this normal drainage is likely the cause.

It’s important to note, however, that this drainage should stop after a short time. If it doesn’t, then you likely have an issue with your irrigation system that needs to be addressed.

2. Rubber Diaphragm Seal Break

The most common reason leaks occur is that the rubber parts in the valve box have worn out. Water seeps freely through the system when the diaphragm seal breaks or debris is obstructing the valve from closing. This means unnecessary water is flowing 24/7 and could be causing other issues in your landscaping. If this happens to you, it’s very important that you contact an expert as soon as possible so that any potential water damage will be minimized. A broken or aging sprinkler valve diaphragm seal only gets worse over time.

What to Expect When You Call for Sprinkler Head Leak Assistance

When you call Andy’s Sprinkler, we’ll send a helpful expert to your home who will thoroughly diagnose your issue and have it fixed as quickly as possible. We’ve seen all kinds of sprinkler valve issues, and we have the tools and equipment necessary to perform your repair correctly the first time. Here are the steps we follow to fix a sprinkler valve leak:

  • First, we’ll turn off both the electrical and water supply to your system to ensure both your safety and the safety of our technician.
  • We’ll then open the valve box and clean out any mud that may have accumulated. We may insert towels or other types of absorbent materials to soak up any water that may be in the box. Then, we’ll take out any wire connectors and loosen the solenoid valve.
  • Next, we’ll remove the bonnet from the solenoid and remove the diaphragm gasket. We’ll replace the gasket if necessary and clear debris from the solenoid.
  • Once that is done, we’ll reconnect the wiring and test the system to make sure no sprinkler valve leaks are still present.

It is extremely important that you leave this type of job to an expert. If you try this on your own and make a mistake, you could cause a great deal of damage to your system. There’s also a risk you could suffer a serious injury.

Take that risk out of the equation by contacting Andy’s Sprinkler to schedule an appointment. We service irrigation systems in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock, Waco, and Houston, TX, along with Charleston, SC.