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Even though sump pumps are typically associated with homes that have basements, they can be a big help in Texas homes as well. For example, a flat yard or a yard that has a downward slope can lead to problems such as standing water. In some instances, that can lead to flooding. A lot of Texas homes have foundations that are situated so that some parts of the home are under the water level. When water accumulates, big problems can occur. Just like any other piece of machinery, though, eventually a sump pump will fail. The professionals with Andy’s Sprinkler want to share some of the warning signs that will tell you that you need sump pump replacement.

Signs You Need a Sump Pump Replacement

What to Look for

  • The sump pump cycles on and off too frequently – This is one of the most glaring Signs You Need a Sump Pump Replacement. If this problem is allowed to persist, the motor will burn out prematurely.
  • The sump pump runs for too long – In this instance, the pump is probably not powerful enough for the amount of water it is handling. This will cause the unit to keep running for several minutes.
  • It doesn’t turn on – You may have something as simple as a float switch that has become stuck. If that isn’t the problem, however, then you’ll obviously need a new one.

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