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Sprinkler Drainage Install Repair Charleston SCAndy’s Sprinkler, Drainage and Lighting has been in business for over 20 years. Our reputation precedes us as the most knowledgeable and friendly company providing sprinkler repair, drip irrigation and landscape lighting in the area. Our specialists consistently provide top quality service.

We are honored to have received several awards for our commitment to service, workmanship, and value over the years. Whether you need sprinkler repair or drip irrigation, Charleston, South Carolina residents can depend on Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting!

Sprinkler Repair in North Charleston

In the heat of the South Carolina summer or the chill of our winters, your North Charleston lawn requires regular irrigation to survive and thrive. Andy’s specializes in keeping sprinkler systems of all types in peak working order year round. Our technicians are highly skilled and equipped to handle any issue, large or small.

Andys Sprinkler Drainage Systems is your North Charleston, South Carolina sprinkler and drip irrigation for residential and commercial landscapes maintenance, install, and repair professionals.

We can help when an existing installation requires an overhaul or expansion. Depend on our experts for sprinkler system repairs, reroutes or reconfigurations to fit a new deck or home addition, and more.

Andy’s is the leader in solving common problems such as broken or leaking sprinkler heads, clogged nozzles, broken valves, cut wires, broken pipes or malfunctioning control units. Of course, we also maintain rain and freeze sensors for your sprinkler system.

Andy’s works to give you the greenest, healthiest landscape possible in North Charleston, SC. However, we also know the importance of protecting the local environment and conserving water. That’s why we highly recommend a properly designed drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation minimizes runoff, reduces evaporation, and encourages deep percolation of water into your soil.

North Charleston Drainage Solutions

If you are a residential or commercial property owner, you know that sudden downpours or continual rainfall in a very short time can add up to flooded landscaping areas. At Andy’s Drainage division, our local North Charleston lawn drainage company has more than 20 years of experience and knowledge helping homeowners prevent flooding and water damage. A properly installed drainage system provides the following advantages:

  • Ponding water is easily removed from landscape with a repaired channel and french drainage system in North Charleston South Carolina by Andys Sprinkler Drainage Systems plus installed as well
  • Prevents soil erosion in and around your home foundation
  • Prevents standing water which causes slippery surfaces
  • Prevents mosquito infestation
  • Protects plants and trees helping them thrive
  • Prevents your landscape from drowning

These benefits emphasize the importance of why Andy’s Drainage takes a whole-system approach to North Charleston lawn landscape drainage. All your applicable functions and fixtures must work together for the improvement and protection of your property value. We rely on science, not guesswork, when it comes to drainage systems.

Andy’s Drainage in North Charleston SC can correct any drainage issue you’re having. Whether we’re implementing French drains, sump pumps, channel drains, catch basins, or grates, we make sure you’re taken care of. No matter what type of soil you have, or existing landscaping, we can determine the problem, discuss the best solutions and professionally install your yard drainage system in very little time at all.

Most important is our thoroughness in providing you with a detailed explanation of your drainage problem, along with a written estimate so that you know exactly what we’ll be doing and the cost involved.

Landscape Lighting Options in North Charleston

Andys Sprinkler Drainage Systems also installs and repairs in North Charleston, South Carolina outdoor LED low voltage landscape lighting to provide security and beauty of homes and businesses. No matter where you live, proper lighting is a must in order to entertain outdoors, provide security, and enhance the value of any property. Our North Charleston lighting experts use the latest technology to create and design outdoor lighting systems that can enhance all the special features of your home or business.

We know North Charleston South Carolina residents spend considerable amounts of time and money on landscape design. Andy’s can assist you in advancing to the next level with beautiful landscape lighting. Your lush green lawn, flowering plants and manicured shrubs will be the highlight of the neighborhood the minute the sun goes down.

If you have an outdated lighting system that needs an upgrade, we can handle design and installation. If you have an existing system that needs to be repaired or maintained, Andy’s Lighting offers landscape lighting repair services to keep your lighting system shining bright.

Call for a demonstration and quote. We’ll create an outdoor lighting system that fits your budget yet still uses top-quality, warranted landscape lighting products.

Don’t let the South Carolina weather ruin your landscape, call our North Charleston sprinkler, drainage and lighting specialists today. When you need it done right the first time, call Andy’s.

How Andy’s Keeps Your Lawn Beautiful

Your yard is a reflection on you, so it’s important to keep it looking great. Through sprinkler system checkups and repairs and drip irrigation services, our team ensures that your yard is properly watered. Our lawn drainage specialists prevent flooding and standing water that can wreak havoc on your lawn. However, we take care of more than what’s on the ground. Landscape lighting can also help make your yard aesthetically appealing for parties or relaxation, and even helps improve safety.

Current on North Charleston Water Restrictions and Technologies

Since the beginning of our company over 20 years ago, Andy has been dedicated to building the most service oriented, high-quality business possible. Part of this is making sure that all our technicians are trained in the latest products and techniques. Our technicians have dedicated themselves to a career focused on learning how to better serve you. In fact, we also let our customers know about various water restrictions in their area!

A Proud Team of Technicians

When Andy hires his technicians, he recruits the best of the best. Not only does he look for experts, but he also looks for those who love the work and are excited about helping our customers. Our team is out there each day solving customers’ issues, and they are handpicked to be prepared for any situation or type of job.

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We are excited that our trusted company is now proudly serving Charleston, South Carolina. Over the years, Andy’s has grown into a stronger service company and family. Our attention to detail and excellent customer service and training has gained the trust of South Carolina residents, and we are so proud to provide services like sprinkler repair, lawn drainage, drip irrigation and outdoor lighting.