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Kichler Outdoor Lighting Products

Landscape Lighting and Residential Exterior Lighting Systems – Kichler

landscape lighting, walkway lighting, outdoor lightingAndy’s Lighting deals with only the best lighting solutions, and for all your outdoor lighting product needs, it’s Kichler.  Their reputation and guarantee is better than any home improvement store, online lighting product store, or other lighting manufacturer. Kichler has more than 1,500 outdoor lighting products to choose from so there isn’t a light or fixture our Andy’s lighting technicians can’t find to solve your needs.

Kichler Lighting Solutions

  • Outdoor Wall Lights
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Hanging Lights
  • Outdoor Ceiling Mounts
  • Outdoor Post Mounts
  • Outdoor Post Accessories
  • Outdoor Accessories

When we start your outdoor lighting design, we’ll discuss various fixtures, styles, and types of lighting products you will want to consider before we ever get to the installation process. Our goal is to make sure your lighting products will last for a long time, are cost effective, and save on your energy bill. We know every customer we work with is interested in saving money, but equally important is the need to make sure the lighting product that is installed, will last a long time.

Why pinch pennies to find that you will then spend more time and money replacing cheap bulbs, inferior housings that break, and have an outdoor lighting system you’re constantly needing to repair or maintain? You’ve invested so much in your home and likewise your landscape lighting should last years not months. Kichler products and Andy’s Lighting will save you money and time, along with eliminating unnecessary stress and worry about your outdoor lighting.

Landscape Lighting Services

Call our outdoor lighting product experts today and we’ll show you why Kichler is different from the rest.



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