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#1 Sprinkler Repair, Drip Irrigation, Drainage Solution & Outdoor Lighting Service in Celina, TX

Sprinkler Repair Celina TXYour landscape was as much an investment as your home. Now, with continued drought and rising temperatures here in Texas, it’s time to take active steps to protect your beloved plants and trees. A working sprinkler system, drip irrigation, or drainage solution in Celina, TX, can help! We serve entire Celina, TX 75009, 75078.

Sprinkler Repair & Installation

Over time, even the most stalwart sprinkler system may require repairs. That’s where we come in. At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting, we have over three decades of experience in sprinkler repair. We know how to approach a situation and resolve it promptly for the best results!

The Best Drainage Solution

The advantages of a drainage system are clear-cut. For example, our professionally-designed drainage solutions:

  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Prevent standing water
  • Prevent mosquito infestations
  • Protect plants and trees
  • Prevent a drowning landscape

Drip Irrigation Systems

A brand-new drip irrigation system for your landscape could be the ideal solution to the Texas droughts. You see, a drip irrigation system delivers water directly to the root zone of your favorite plants, so instead of wasting water, you’ll enjoy healthier plants that grow quickly!

Outdoor Lighting

A modern outdoor lighting system provides multiple benefits to homeowners. For example, if you want to increase the safety of your home and landscape, a lighting system shines brightly in every corner, removing hiding spots altogether. Or, you may wish to simply entertain people in the evening/nights more often. Whatever you wish, we can install the lighting scheme that works best for you and your home.

About Celina

Celina is a small, Texas town with a modest population. The majority of the area come together for high school football. The town rallies around the varsity Celina High School team at the local stadium!

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