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Sprinkler Drainage Lighting Service in Lubbock, TX


We know you take great care of your sprinkler system, and likely your entire yard, too. Unfortunately, whether due to extreme weather conditions beyond our control, or perhaps even general wear and tear, you may need top sprinkler repair in Lubbock before long. When that happens, trust in Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting for premier service!

Sprinkler Repair

There’s nothing worse than a broken sprinkler head, especially when it comes time to water the grass or your garden. Our team is knowledgeable of today’s top sprinkler systems. With over 20 years of sprinkler repair experience, we’ll have your system repaired in just one day. We accomplish this tremendous feat by dispatching two technicians, complete with a fully loaded truck, to each job. We care about our family, our clients!


You have spent too much time perfecting your home to allow a little water to ruin the foundation or garden. We completely agree with your desire for some security. At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting, where we treat you like our very own family, we go above and beyond to protect your home from the weather.
Proper landscape drainage is designed to prevent soil erosion, stop mosquito infestations, and protect your plants and trees. With Andy’s, the level of quality and satisfaction you receive is simply unbeatable!

Drip Irrigation

When you’re facing a water drought, every drop of water counts. A proper irrigation system helps conserve water, save you money, and adhere to strict regulations. When professionally designed, as drip irrigation should be, your property will enjoy minimal runoff, with little if any evaporation, and deep percolation. Losing your prized plants will be a thing of the past!

At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting, our drip irrigation specialists ensure your landscape, including trees, flowers, and foliage, receive the proper amount of water, directly to their roots. A drip irrigation system works by slowly releasing drips of water, which absorb into the soil and straight into the root zone of your favorite plants and shrubbery. By providing a direct watering source for your lawn and garden, you use less water and with higher efficiency. You treat the source. All-in-all, you cannot miss the savings and efficiency!

Outdoor Lighting

Walking outdoors at night should be a peaceful, serene experience for most homeowners. Instead, you’re greeted by nothing but darkness. Don’t let that happen ever again!
At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting, we specialize in providing you with lighting solutions that make a difference. The right lighting system provides security, comfort, and increases property values to boot!

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Lubbock, located in the peaceful northwest of Texas, is a historical and geographically significant city in our great state. Nicknamed “Hub City,” Lubbock is the economic, educational, and healthcare hub for the entire region. In fact, CNN mentioned our beautiful city once due to its traditional business atmosphere, low rent, and cooperative local government!