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Protecting Foundations and Landscapes With French Drain Systems

If you have a soggy lawn or continual standing water, the solution may be a French drain. A French drain is excellent in collecting and channeling water, diverting it safely away. If you have any slope in your landscape, you can be sure that water runoff will flow downhill, and by the quickest route possible.  If your yard is flat and there is no where for water to run, then without proper drainage you will face constant standing water especially if the underlying soil is clay based. Our drainage company can easily diagnose these issues and determine if the French drain is what you need or if you might also need a sump pump.

The French drain is conceptually very simple, a slightly sloped trench filled with pea size gravel surrounding perforated pipe that’s buried underground helps divert excess water away from your home and foundation.

French Drains are the perfect method to eliminate retention ponds on your landscape if you are located in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio Texas

How a French drain works

Once we’ve determined the areas where water is collecting on the property, we will map out exactly where the French drain will be located and start the installation process.  Once the French drain system is installed, excess surface and subsurface water will channel through the gravel and into the perforated piping and flow through the trench and away from the property. Some of our clients have the water run into drainage ditches, others run the water into the street.

Installing a French drain can be  a complicated process which can lead to problems if it’s not done properly. The best way to ensure the job is done correctly is to hire a professional technician from Andy’s Drainage so that he can ensure your yard drainage system is completed without any further complications.

Many times we are called into repair or perform maintenance on drainage systems that have not been designed to meet the needs of the landscape it was intended for. When this happens we sometimes find it necessary start the process over, and other times we’ll have to reconfigure the drainage making sure the French drain will perform flawlessly no matter how much rain hits the ground.

Don’t wait until the next hard rain hits Texas, call our drainage technicians to meet with you for a consultation to determine the best solution for your drainage problems.

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