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Attracting Birds to your Garden this Spring

Springtime, with its many smells, sights, and sounds, is nearly upon us! And with the warmer temperatures and blooming vegetation comes the return of beautiful birds of all shapes, colors, and sizes. If you have children, attracting birds to your yard can be a great...

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Add More Green to your Yard This Spring

Everybody loves green in the spring. With the increase in warmth and more hours of daylight every day, spring fever takes hold and our green thumb gets going! However, some of us wish our thumb could be a little greener. Here’s some tips to make your yard as green as...

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French Drain Basics

Standing water is a concern many homeowners deal with during the summer. Stagnant pools of water provide welcome breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which can make your home host to an unwelcome swarm of winged, vampiric insects. But even in the winter, standing water...

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Redesigning your Landscape – Need some Tips?

No matter whether you are a landscape design DIY expert or need a little help getting started, there’s always room for improvement. In essence, landscape design is guided by the same principles as interior design. Here’s some tips to get you started this spring. Plan...

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Winter Landscape and Gardening Tasks

It may still be winter according to the Groundhog in Pennsylvania, but there’s only about 6 to 8 weeks until the estimated last spring frost here in Texas. But don’t fret; it’s not too late to get some preparation and winter work done in your yard and gardens. In...

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So, Why HAS Drip Irrigation Become so Popular?

Irrigation has been around for as long as humans have been working the land and cultivating plants. Man’s first endeavor after learning to grow plants from seeds was probably a bucket – a device to carry water from wherever it could be found to where it was needed to...

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Fairy Gardens – The Hot New Gardening Trend!

There is nothing that sparks the imagination more than the idea of fairies. From our earliest childhood memories, tales of fairies and their mischief speckle the edges of our collective consciousness. And many adult gardeners are reclaiming a bit of that whimsy in...

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Winterizing Your Irrigation System

As the winter weather starts to arrive in force, many homeowners are taking steps to winterize their homes, vehicles, and garden fixtures. Winterizing is the set of tasks and chores that prepare items and areas to minimize damage from wintry weather conditions. For...

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Ways that Mulch can make your Garden Better

While many gardeners and homeowners are always excited about changing the look of  their gardens and landscaping from season to season, some only focus on the foliage and floral aspects of their gardens. If they give any thought at all to the soil at the base of their...

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Reducing Pests in your Yard this Fall

Fall is a great time to begin cleaning up from a year of enjoyment in your yard or garden and taking steps towards reducing pest. There are plants that are wearing out after a season of spectacular show and vibrant color. There may be patio furniture or other outdoor...

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Fun Autumn Colors for your Yard

Fun Autumn Colors To Brighten Your Yard There’s nothing more pleasing for many homeowners than planning their gardens and landscaping from season to season. With a lovely autumn season fast approaching, the time has come to once again to consider how you want your...

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