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The Challenges of Low Head Drainage

In properly functioning sprinkler systems, where the zone valves are free of issues, the water pressure that drives the system’s heads and rotors will be cut off once the system turns off. The absence of water pressure keeps the heads from spraying, but some water...

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Top Questions to Ask an Irrigation Specialist

Before you decide to hire an irrigation specialist to work on your sprinkler system, here are a few key questions to ask: • Are you licensed? In many states, including Texas, irrigation professionals are required to be licensed to work in that state. Licensing ensures...

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How to Tune Up Your Sprinkler System

During the hot summer months in Texas, a fully-functioning sprinkler system is critical to keep your landscape properly watered and healthy. Whether it’s a broken head, a leaking pipe, or bushes that have grown taller than your risers, most sprinkler systems need...

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Plastic and Metal Pipe Connections

An irrigation system is a smart investment. But if you’re looking to make a few changes, then you might run into a few challenges. Such challenges can include connecting plastic pipes to metal pipes. Yes, plastic and metal pipe can be connected, but you need to be...

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Top Reasons to Hire a Pro

An irrigation system is about more than just watering your lawn. It adds value to your home, conserves water, and helps protect the environment when installed correctly. You can buy a sprinkler system at most home improvement stores. Sure, you’ll save a little money,...

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