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Top Reasons to Hire a Pro

An irrigation system is about more than just watering your lawn. It adds value to your home, conserves water, and helps protect the environment when installed correctly. You can buy a sprinkler system at most home improvement stores. Sure, you’ll save a little money,...

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Properly Cleaning a Clogged Sprinkler Nozzle

A thorough cleaning of your yard’s sprinkler heads can help you avoid countless problems throughout the year, such as clogging. A severe clog in your sprinkler system can prevent your landscape from receiving the necessary amount of water it requires each day. At...

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Can Your Lawn Tolerate Any More Brown Spots

You have a beautiful lawn. You have worked tirelessly over the years to plant the perfect blooming flowers and shrubbery. But you have brown patches on the grass. Why? Bright, green grass will turn a sickly brown color when the roots no longer receive water or...

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Attracting Birds to your Garden this Spring

Springtime, with its many smells, sights, and sounds, is nearly upon us! And with the warmer temperatures and blooming vegetation comes the return of beautiful birds of all shapes, colors, and sizes. If you have children, attracting birds to your yard can be a great...

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Add More Green to your Yard This Spring

Everybody loves green in the spring. With the increase in warmth and more hours of daylight every day, spring fever takes hold and our green thumb gets going! However, some of us wish our thumb could be a little greener. Here’s some tips to make your yard as green as...

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French Drain Basics

Standing water is a concern many homeowners deal with during the summer. Stagnant pools of water provide welcome breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which can make your home host to an unwelcome swarm of winged, vampiric insects. But even in the winter, standing water...

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Winter Landscape and Gardening Tasks

It may still be winter according to the Groundhog in Pennsylvania, but there’s only about 6 to 8 weeks until the estimated last spring frost here in Texas. But don’t fret; it’s not too late to get some preparation and winter work done in your yard and gardens. In...

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