Affordable Landscape Lighting Repair & Maintenance in Your Area

Maintenance and Repair Services for Your Landscape Lighting

The next time you have a landscape lamp burn out in your tree, don’t worry about climbing up there to change it. One call to Andy’s and one of our outdoor lighting technicians will take care of it in no time at all. Andy’s Lighting has the landscape lighting repair and maintenance services you need; whether it’s an existing outdoor lighting system installed by someone else, or one of our systems that needs maintenance or service work.

Lighting Repair

  • Replacing dim or burned out bulbs
  • Repairing broken switches, severed wiring, and burned out transformers
  • Cleaning lenses, repairing, straightening and adjusting fixtures
  • Re-angling fixtures based on changes to the home and landscape
  • Trimming and minor pruning around shrubs, trees, and large plants that impede lighting
  • Verifying lighting timers and dimmers are set properly
  • Replacing non-operating control modules, timers, and photocells
  • Installing additional lighting to improve nighttime lighting around the property

Ongoing Maintenance

In order to extend the life of your outdoor lighting system, routine maintenance is recommended at least once a year. Plants and trees grow, lawn care can sometimes do unexpected damage, or weather can also damage your fixtures, all of which requires adjustments or re-positioning. The lenses on fixtures can become clouded, dirty, or smeared, which dulls the brightness of the beam. If this happens to your security lighting, all lenses should be cleaned properly. As part of Andy’s comprehensive services, we offer routine maintenance as part of new installations during the first year.

When examining your landscape lighting system, our technicians will look for common lighting issues that can cause damage. Three of the most widespread problems are burned out bulbs, connection issues, and overgrowth.

Burned Out Bulbs

With most conventional lighting systems, changing independent bulbs is quick and easy. Unfortunately, landscape lighting systems often hang bulbs from hard to reach places where homeowners can’t safely change them. Our outdoor lighting technicians have the tools to repair your landscape lighting system and replace any burned out bulbs.

Connection Issues

If an isolated section of your landscape lighting system stops working, you probably have a connection issue. Your outdoor lighting technician will take a closer look at the affected area and determine if there is corrosion, an electrical overload, or an electrical short.


Your landscape lighting system showcases the beauty of your yard, but without regular maintenance, your yard can destroy your landscape lighting system. Your outdoor lighting technician will look for places where shrubs, trees, and other plants could be causing connectivity issues. By trimming and pruning overgrown plants, they can solve existing problems and repair your landscape lighting system.

Call our lighting repair technicians today and tell us what you need help with. Regardless of how simple or complex the repair is, we can get it handled. Or if you just need a yearly maintenance check up on your system, we can set up a convenient time to meet with you and perform any and all necessary maintenance services you may need.



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