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#1 Sprinkler Repair, Drip Irrigation, Drainage Solution & Outdoor Lighting Service in Little Elm, TX

Sprinkler Repair in Little Elm, TXYou’re a homeowner with a dream. You’ve long felt the need to have a beautiful landscape around to your lovely home. Now, the time has come. You’ve got the green grass, the blooming garden, and a tree with the perfect amount of shade. It’s time to care for it all. At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting, we offer the top sprinkler repair, irrigation, drainage, and outdoor lighting services in Little Elm, TX!

Sprinkler Repair & Installation

With over 30 years of sprinkler repair experience, it’s safe to say we’ve got your landscape needs handled properly. First and foremost, we are experts when it comes to installing brand-new systems. We work hard to ensure that the entire sprinkler setup is working optimally.

When it comes to repairs, we handle sprinkler control boxes, broken sprinkler valves, sprinkler heads, damaged wires, broken pipes, and so much more!

The Best Drainage Solution

Our drainage technicians have over 20 years of experience. We know firsthand that a proper drainage system can help you prevent flooding and extensive water damage. A drainage system will prevent soil erosion, standing water, mosquito infestations, and protect your beloved plants!

Drip Irrigation System

Texas continues to face regular drought seasons. As such, local governments say homeowners cannot water their landscape too much. The way around this regulation is a drip irrigation system. A professionally-designed drip irrigation system provides the right amount of water directly to your prized plants and trees. There’s no water waste, no pests or weeds growing, only results!

Outdoor Lighting

With warm weather comes the desire to be outdoors. In the evening, an outdoor lighting system will keep the party going for longer. You can host barbecues, pool parties, and so many other outdoor activities. Not to mention the safety that an outdoor lighting system provides!

About Little Elm

Little Elm, located in Denton County, is technically an extended suburb of Dallas. It has a life all its own, though. With a relaxed culture, it’s easy to find something to do within the area. A weekend trip to the Coyote Drive-In, for example!

Schedule expert sprinkler repair, drip irrigation, drainage, and outdoor lighting in Little Elm, TX. Call Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting at 972-418-6998! We serve entire Little Elm, TX 75034, 75068, 76227.

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