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Water Foundation Management by Drip Irrigation or Drainage System

Water Foundation Management by Drip IrrigationAs a homeowner, you have many worries. One major concern is your home’s foundation. Standing water or severe rainfall could drown your foundation, leading to cracks and shifts. It’s downright expensive to repair or replace a concrete foundation, so prevention is the key. At Andy’s Sprinkler, we’re not professional foundation repair experts. We do, however, know something about prevention. Using engineer-designed drip irrigation and drainage systems helps prevent long-term moisture damage from affecting your foundation!

Drip Irrigation

At first, you wouldn’t think a drip irrigation system could save your home’s foundation. First, let’s break this innovative watering process down: Instead of a high-quality sprinkler system, which is typically designed for an extensive landscape, a drip irrigation system provides water directly to the root zone of your plants. There’s no excess water, so won’t have any pooling or excessively moist soil. The water is delivered where it’s needed most and used promptly.

We design our drip irrigation systems to be effective. Besides healthier growth for your favorite plants and trees, you’ll notice less standing water, fewer mosquitoes, and zero damage to the foundation of your home.

Drainage Solutions

Drip irrigation is terrific for preventing standing water during the watering process, but what about the excessive rain our area experiences? Well, in that case, a drainage system is critical. A professionally designed drainage solution will prevent standing water outright. You won’t find pools accumulating around your home. Instead, the excess water is directed away from the foundation.

Again, our irrigation specialists are not professional foundation repair experts. We cannot provide any guarantees for the success or failure of our drip irrigation or drainage solutions, especially when it comes to pre-existing or future foundation issues. Instead, we recommend working with a licensed foundation repair professional prior to installing drip irrigation or drainage solutions.

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